For business recovery plans, restructuring initiatives, transfer and dissolution management

A free, confidential consultation with no strings attached.
This service includes the following:

Meeting with your company’s directors

Assessment of the current situation

Internal consultation with our specialists

Presentation of a recovery plan

The first step is carried out over one week.

Sauvetage d'entreprises MAYDAY Strategies


Is your company having problems? We have solutions!

If your company’s activities, results and finances are suffering due to business woes, you have three options.




…for financial recovery or at least for your activity sector to recover.

Do you have time to wait?

Do you think sustainable recovery is possible overnight?

In the fast-paced business world, is it safe not to act now?


Try to grow


… defend, fight, attack the market, prospect, advertise and invest to advance and improve your company’s sales and activities.

Do you have the financial means?

Can you afford to wait for the results of new strategies?

Are your goals and projections realistic?




If you don’t think that waiting or trying to grow are the right solutions for your company, the only real option is broad-based restructuring.

At Mayday Strategies, experience has taught us that willingly choosing to restructure is the fastest, least costly and surest of strategies.

Once your company has restructured, it can continue operating under more sustainable conditions and integrate development solutions. 

Are you in a tough situation? We offer…

an efficient, focused APPROACH


We help small- and medium-sized businesses in Quebec and the rest of Canada that are struggling now, or will soon be, and that are seeking to create the right conditions to move forward.

We have a great deal of experience working with:

  • Small- and medium-sized businesses
  • Retail sales, boutiques and stores
  • Restaurants
  • Wholesale businesses
  • Liberal professions

Our team’s job is to quickly find solutions for your company. We are well equipped to handle urgent situations and provide the high level of service that businesses need and expect.

  • Target the biggest problems.
  • Solve those problems with fast, efficient solutions.

long-lasting, measurable BENEFITS


When we are done, you’ll be reaping the benefits of:

  • lowered expenses
  • a lightened financial burden
  • debt reduction

You can finally enjoy some piece of mind so you can…

  • concentrate on your activities
  • focus your energy on future growth

Is your company in a dire situation? If a transfer or dissolution is necessary, we will help you find a solution that will best protect the interests of the company and its owners.

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A team of experienced professionals

 Entrepreneurs, business managers and specialized employees  Accounting, legal, union and HR experts


« My business had always been located downtown, but the location no longer suited our clients’ purchasing habits. Mayday Strategies proposed a strategy to negotiate either lowering our rent or legally cancelling our lease. I decided on the second option. This enabled us to move and get a fresh start. Today, our business is finally profitable again. It was our last chance. »

« I could no longer make a living from my sofa factory. Things had become too difficult. I met with Mayday Strategies and their consultants. We immediately knew we could trust them. They planned my company’s dissolution in the best possible way and I must admit that I fared rather well in the end. They also provided psychological support to help us through this ordeal and always followed up. They told me that I would not be able to bounce back until I had turned the page. Now I have a great job and I can see much more clearly. I might even take another shot at my business, but this time I’ll follow their advice from the very start. »

« Our company was on the brink of insolvency. We were facing the possibility having to invoke the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act or even the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, at some point. My wife and I had invested so much time and money in our business and we were afraid that declaring bankruptcy would ruin us. I kept questioning and blaming myself. Our operating losses left us nothing for the future. Then, our accountant recommended Mayday Strategies. I immediately contacted them and they took us on. They were very effective communicating with our creditors and filed a simple notice of intention to make a proposal. Within a few weeks, they managed to get the proposal accepted, cutting our debt by more than half. We recovered immediately! Now we can finally live again, and my wife and I and our two sons are back in business! »

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