Gourmet grocery store on site and in line with delivery Montreal


Beautiful fine and gourmet grocery store with quality food, mainly local:
On site or online with pickup or delivery,
Fruits, vegetables, breads, pastries, hormone-free meats and meats, cheeses and processed products,
Products sometimes organic and with a gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan selection,
Ready-to-eat counter with a nice variety of dishes prepared on site,
Good location in the heart of an evolving neighborhood with easy parking,
Over 3,000 square feet with low rent,
Growing sales and profits,
Recent equipment,
Great Reviews,
This turnkey business is perfect for a professional, an entrepreneur
or an investor: Financing available.


Type of business: On-site and online grocery store with delivery
Type of property: Sale of business / Goodwill
Sector of activity: Food retail with some manufacturing and processing
Reason for sale: The owners wish to devote themselves to other projects outside Quebec.
List of equipment available: Yes
Date, deadline for signing deed of sale, occupancy: 30 days or more
Involvement of the seller after the sale: They will be available following the transaction to introduce the new owner to customers, employees and suppliers as well as to provide the support and training necessary for a smooth transition. The exact transition period will be defined between the parties.
Financing conditions: We are available to help you.


The company is young, but it carves out a place of choice in its neighborhood. Growth is on track and the next few years promise to be very good considering the population’s ever-increasing sensitivity to supporting local producers.
Additional financial information may be provided to qualified buyers following the signing of a confidentiality agreement.
The financial information as of August 31 is as follows:
2019: Revenues $703,643, Adjusted EBITDA $32,401
2020: Revenues $1,520,478, Adjusted EBITDA $95,885
2021: Revenues $1,715,983, Adjusted EBITDA $116,386
Gross Margin 34.2%, EBITDA 6.8%


Stage of development: Growth


On the human resources side, there are of course cashiers and window dressers, but the grocery store has also found cooks who take care of the ready-to-eat counter. The grocery store therefore offers a great variety of dishes prepared with its homemade recipes for customers who are in a hurry or who simply do not have the time or the desire to cook at home. We should also not forget that the grocery store has a liquor license and that a special place is reserved for Quebec wines and ciders (some exclusive allocations) as well as our tasty microbrewery beers. In total, about 10 full-time and part-time employees take care of welcoming and advising customers on a daily basis.


The grocery store has a very good web positioning and is active on the various social networks. We should not forget to mention that the grocery store also offers cooking workshops with professionals that allow amateur cooks to perfect or develop new techniques in addition to sharing a pleasant moment with other food lovers.


Market description: There is no need to mention that Quebecers and immigrants are increasingly aware of the importance of favoring local products in their diet. The agri-food industry is experiencing an interesting revival in Quebec and a grocery store of this type with a prime location to find a wide range of products made by local people is a guarantee of success. Like delivery, which is growing strongly.

Clientele: Being located in the heart of Montreal, the grocery store has a very varied clientele of gourmets and consumers who take their food seriously, including a good number of French people who have come to settle in Quebec who love to find some of the products of their country of origin. origin on the shelves.

Products: Over the years, the company has developed a particularly interesting offer of fresh and local products. Currently, more than 140 producers from across Quebec supply the grocery store with fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses and processed products. Over the seasons and arrivals, fruits and vegetables change and reflect the true cycle of nature. When possible, the company tries to offer organic products to its customers while also thinking of its customers with dietary particularities (gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan…). In addition to offering all the basic products to fill your pantry, the grocery store is definitely gourmet with its breads, pastries, deli meats and hormone-free meats. The owners of this grocery store are passionate epicureans for whom the search for honest and unique producers is a quest.
Description of competition: Little competition in this segment and in this neighborhood


The grocery store is well-established on a busy artery in the heart of a district where citizens are used to doing their shopping on foot or by bicycle in shops and boutiques on a human scale. The premises are rented and have an area of ​​approximately 3,200 square feet and include space for storing food. The current lease is at a very competitive price and can be renewed under the same conditions for a period of up to 20 years (4 x 5 years).


Monday to Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m


Elementary schools 10/10, Daycares 10/10, Convenient for pedestrians 10/10, Grocery stores 10/10, Bicycle friendly 10/10, Public transportation 9/10, Parks 9/10, Shopping 9/10, Restaurants 8 /10, Quiet 7/10, High Schools 7/10, Dynamic 7/10.
Population (2016): 143,853
Population change between 2011 and 2016: + 1%
Population density: 8,692 inhabitants/km2
Population by age group: Average 38 years old, < 15 years old 17%, 15 to 24 years old 12%, 25 to 44 years old 34%, 45 to 64 years old 23%, > 65 years old 13%
Household income: Average $53,919, Less than $50,000 58%, Between $50,000 and $80,000 23%, Between $80,000 and $100,000 8%, Between $100,000 and $150,000 8%, Over 150 $000 3%
Profile of private households: Average 2.2 people, Households with 1 person 40%, Households with 2 people 29%, Households with 3 people 14%, Households with 4 people 11%, Households with 5 people and +7%
Family type: Couples without children at home 33%, Couples with children at home 42%, Single-parent families 25%
Housing occupancy: Proportion of owners 28%, Proportion of tenants 72%
Housing construction: Before 1960 49%, From 1961 to 1980 33%, From 1981 to 1990 6%, From 1991 to 2000 4%, From 2001 to 2010 4%, From 2011 to 2016 3%
Dwelling type: Detached houses 3%, Semi-detached or row houses 2%, Buildings with less than 5 storeys 91%, Buildings with 5 storeys or more 4%, Mobile homes 0%
Education: University 29%, College 14%, Secondary 20%, Apprentices or trades 11%, No diploma 26%
Immigration: Non-immigrant population 56%, Immigrant population 44%
Languages ​​spoken: French 57%, English 10%, Other languages ​​33%


Appointment preferences: Evening​
Discretion requested​

Stanislas Didier
Founding President
Canada : +1 514 618-9165
France : 07 66 37 69 66
[email protected]


  • City Montréal
  • Province Quebec
  • Country Canada


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  • Property Status: ***SOLD***


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Stanislas Didier
  • Stanislas Didier