Selling a business is not a long quiet river.

If the process can be indeed long, it is mainly complex. Selling a business is a profession. Business broker is precisely the one that we practice exclusively every day with passion and professionalism for the customers who choose us.

Thanks to our expertise in the business merger-acquisition sector, the transaction process will be simpler, faster, more efficient and ultimately more profitable. Our success rate is exceptional.

We know that privacy is important to many of you. We are therefore committed to respecting the level you choose for the marketing of your business.

We suggest that we act as a project manager for the sale of your business including…

Assessing your business upon sale

Discussions with your accountant, lawyer or other advisers

Equipment evaluation assistance

The assembly of your company marketing and financial file

Its marketing on + 20 Canadian and + 90 international media in 60 countries and 16 languages with the help of our marketing team

MayDay Strategies has client, partner and investor databases, a prospecting team, a collaborative lawyer specializing in sale-merger-acquisition and also works with external partners such as business or immigration lawyers, accountants, bankers, business introducers and of course brokers of other banners.

Relations with partner agencies in France, including Century 21

Selection of buyers

Presentation of your company and visits

Offers and negotiation

Transfer of the lease or sale of the real estate with BluuGlass Immobilier or Remax

Assistance with the business plan, financing and possible subsidies of the buyer

The immigration process for foreign buyers

And finally, the final transaction!

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